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for the love of beautiful letters

& the amazing people who read them


Welcome to Her Hazel Eyes Studio, I'm Desirée, hand-letterer, designer and the maker behind this creative little space. 

Loving what I do is easy, but sharing it with you is the best part. Each item is prepared, packaged & sent to you with the utmost attention to detail and care so that once received, you'll be proud to share it with someone you care for - or - you will love it so much, you'll choose to save it for yourself. 

My love for paper has followed me since childhood. I'm finally taking the leap and sharing my passion of letters and stationery with the other paper lovers I've met along the way. I've always been creative, but this hand-lettering "obsession" found me about 3 years ago and It's taken over ever since.  Messy hair, coffee in one hand with a sweet tea in the other is a sign that creativity has struck. I couldn't do any of this without the unending grace of my Heavenly Father, a well stocked cabinet of Micron pens and the love of my amazing man, Steve. 

Thank for hanging out with me.
xo!… Desirée | 2019 |

creatively curated hand-lettered + hand drawn designs