There are currently no more workshops scheduled through the remainder of 2017.

If you are interested in hosting a class, Please click the button at the bottom of this page, (I WANT TO HOST A CLASS), and give me the dates you are interested in & your current contact info.

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  • registration to workshops includes: instruction, two of my favorite pens + a lettering guide, 5x7 print, greeting card + decorative envelope instruction, as well as in class use of tools to test & play with. 
  • step by step first hand instruction of the basics
  • 2 pens to help get your collection started
  • tips on tools & supplies to help stay within your budget
  • walkaway with the basics to help letter your own cards, creatively address your own detailed party envelopes or create decorative class projects

This 2.5 hour class is structured for the individual who desires to learn the basics of hand-lettering or even someone who is no longer a novice, but needs a little guidance in order to get to the next level.

Lettering is drawing & no experience is necessary in learning to connect strokes that turn into pretty & imaginative letters.  Please don't let your penmanship keep you from coming to this class.  I will be showing you various styles & techniques in hopes of helping you find your own unique lettering style.

I will pack as much information into our timeline & share as many tips as possible to better help you create personalized, hand-lettered designs that are unique to only you. I will share with you my favorite tools as well as supply you with a few tools & a practice guide of your own to take home.


Lettering Basics Workshop 

Lettering Basics Workshop 

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